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Past Genuine Testimonials About Our Tuition Centre & Tutors

Students' Comments
Parents' Comments

“Mr Simpson is a brilliant teacher who would stop at nothing to help all his students get the highest grades that they possibly can. The tuition is a warm comforting atmosphere with brilliant resources. Before coming here i was mainly on 3s but now I'm looking at 7s. This is a great place to learn and I would recommend it to anyone.”

— Amaan H. (23 Jul 2019)


“Amazing tuition, helped me a lot in school and made me achieve high grades. All thanks to Mr Simpson, Mr Forbes, Miss Nadeem and Mr Rasheed.”

— "JustTetsuro" (2 months ago)


“After coming to CES, my grades improved drastically.”

— Sumaiya A. (2 months ago)


“I was predicted grade 3 but got a grade 7.” 

— Adam H. (2 months ago)


“When I first started I was literally getting grade 3s in both English and Maths. After going to this tuition for couple months, Mr Simpson helped me to get a really high 6, a couple marks off a 7. I’m so grateful and happy that I came across this Tuition because if I didn’t, I don’t know where I would be today.”

— "Shanz" (2 months ago)

“Amazing service! i went from getting consistent 5s to passing my GCSEs with a 7 and 8. i can't thank Mr. Simpson enough for all the support he's given me.” 

— Mohima A. (28 Sep 2019)

“I brought my children to Community Education Services for additional support with their grades and I noticed a remarkable improvement within a short period of their time here. The ongoing feedback from the tutors makes it easier for me to follow their progress on a regular basis. I will highly recommend them, give them a try to see it for yourself.”

— Hussein S. (2 months ago)


“I just want to give a massive thanks to the teachers because they do a strict assessment on students and give their honest opinion and help them to navigate through to their final goal whatever it is. My son has a very pleasurable experience working with the teachers at CES.”

— Achala M. (2 months ago)


“Very happy with the support provided to both my children. Following the guidance and advice given, they have continued to excel in areas they previously found challenging. Highly recommended for sure.”

— "Samsung 2017" (2 Sep 2019)


“CES provides an excellent and outstanding service, with committed staff who care about the students and who are constantly striving to improve the quality of what they do.”

— Elaine F. (9 May 2019)


“We ... have been thoroughly impressed by the level of teaching here. Our son has progressed considerably. My only regret is not sending him sooner.

— Ifat S. (11 May 2019)

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