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KS3/KS4/GCSE Maths Tutor

Providing quality support in Birmingham, UK (Cape Hill, Great Barr, Handsworth, Perry Barr, Smethwick, Sutton Coldfield, Tamebridge, and Walsall).

What We Do

  • GCSE Maths Tuition: Our GCSE Maths tutors in Birmingham provide effective & expert support, tailoring their lessons to meet students' specific needs, enhance their understanding, and equip them to be able to sit their Maths GCSE exams with confidence.

  • Accessible GCSE Maths and Physics Tutoring: Our GCSE Maths and Physics tutors are available for your convenience.

  • Comprehensive GCSE Maths and Science Support: At CES, tutors proficient in GCSE Maths and Science help to establish a well-rounded academic foundation for all students.

  • Your Local Maths and English Tutor: Beyond Maths, our tutors also provide English support for a holistic academic approach. Let CES be your child's source for qualified Maths and English tutors.

  • Private Tuition Tailored to Each Student's Needs: With one tutor to 6-7 students per class, you can be assured that your child's Maths private tuition will focus on individual weaknesses.

Two smiling girls, standing in front of a chalkboard filled with maths formulas

How We Do It

  • Customised Lesson Plans: Our Maths tutors create individualised lesson plans, addressing each student’s strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Interactive Learning: By keeping our group sizes to no more than 7 students, we ensure that each lesson will be an interactive, dynamic and effective learning experience for your child.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose a schedule that suits your child’s needs, whether it's in-person or online, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

  • Supportive Learning Environment: Our GCSE Maths tutors provide a supportive atmosphere for each student, boosting their confidence and enthusiasm for the subject.

  • Regular Progress Updates: We keep you informed about your child’s progress via their Student Assessment Plan, ensuring transparency and collaboration in their GCSE Maths journey.

How Long To Improvement?

At CES, you will see clear improvement in your child's performance between 8 to 12 months!

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