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Terms & Conditions

  • It is the parent’s/carer’s/user’s responsibility to keep CES informed of any alterations to the information on the child/user.

  • For any unexpected lateness/absences, the parent/carer/user will contact CES immediately to inform them of what is happening. 

  • Should there be any incidents during our workshops involving the above-named child/user, CES will immediately inform the parent/carer advising them of the situation and of any course of action taken.

  • Any information and details regarding the above-named child/user will be treated with strict confidence. However, there may be times in cases of child protection concerns, when details of the child may be passed on to other agencies including: Police, Children’s Services, and/or Health Professionals.

  • If a child/user is going to be absent from this service, the parent(s)/carer(s)/user should notify CES immediately by email. (

  • Please note that because these are workshop sessions, we will equip students with tools/methods which they can apply to classwork and homework set for them by their school. We won't be issuing homework.

  • The agreement may be immediately terminated without a refund for not co-operating with staff or management including constantly failing to pay on time.

  • Once a child/user is working at the required target grade, we cannot be held culpable if he/she performs poorly under timed conditions.

  • The cost of the service is £6.25/session, to be paid in advance on a block booking basis every month;
    a session consists of a minimum of 2 hours.

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