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GCSE Maths Tutor Near Me: Maths Tuition Birmingham

If you or your child needs help preparing for GCSE Maths exams, look no further than CES. Our Birmingham-based specialist Maths tutors provide excellent framework classes for Maths GCSE exams for all students to exceed their potential and excel at their GCSE exams.


We work on the simple principle that Maths – regardless of level – has an underlying framework, and once this is understood everyone can become extremely proficient. Our Maths tutors' goal is concerned with a dual process – focusing on the baseline of mathematical principles and then applying them to specific problems – is to ensure that our Maths tuition in Birmingham is accessible to everyone. The method is easily-explainable, but it takes attending one of our sessions to understand how important this method can be.

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We believe that as it’s currently taught in schools, Maths is made inexplicitly harder for some students who struggle with the specifics and need a generalist framework within which they can work. At CES, our expert Maths tutor provides this for GCSE students. 


Our Maths tutors are specialists and understand the underlying grounding of Maths better than most. However, they’re also expert teachers and know that some extra Maths tuition and time can be the difference between high and low GCSE levels. Our team are all experienced tutors and can guarantee that, when our method for understanding mathematical grounding is applied correctly, all students will be able to achieve at least a 7 at their GCSE Maths exams. 


Our Maths tutors are well-versed in every aspect of the National Curriculum and will help students understand the concepts behind the questions on every exam board, whether AQA, Edexcel, OCR, or any other. The method that we apply works well with every Maths student, as we don’t focus on the specifics but rather on the relationship between mathematical foundations. This can then be applied to any specific question at will, and thus doesn’t require a tailored approach to specific exam boards like many other Maths tuition services.


Our Maths tuition service goes well beyond GCSE exams, and while we can guarantee that students will achieve at this level, the framework that we provide students gives them an excellent grounding for moving forward and studying Maths at A-Level and university. Contact our team to find out more today if you’re struggling with GCSE Maths exam preparation.

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