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GCSE / IGCSE Science Tutor Near Me: Science Tuition Birmingham

If you’re looking for GCSE/IGCSE Science tuition in Birmingham, CES offers specialist tutor services. Each member of our staff is a  well-experienced Science tutor, having worked with hundreds of students in the Birmingham area and also with international students (for whom English is a second language). Pupils have achieved excellent grades and students are achieving world/regional ranking in the Cambridge syllabus with help and guidance from CES.


We provide a framework within which students can learn how to grow their scientific understanding and critical thinking on their own, as well as helping students work through specific concepts. Our process is dual-focused, aiming to help students gain better grades at GCSE/IGCSE-level while also looking forward to the stage beyond, eventually hoping that students from the CES tuition school will go on to university and beyond within the scientific disciplines. 

Every specialist Science tutor near me in our team has expertise in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics and is well-experienced in teaching all Science disciplines. The team at CES have all worked in teaching for years and are well-accustomed to helping students achieve beyond their expected potential. Our Chemistry, Biology and Physics tutors are experts within their respective fields and know the material inside-out, but more importantly, they’re expert teachers. Our Science tuition service will help students understand the material before an exam and students who’ve studied with our tutors or at our workshops will be able to grasp the most complex concepts the exam has to offer.

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The Science tuition team in Birmingham and Sandwell mainly help students work towards achieving academic excellence in exams, and we’ll work towards ensuring that every student who attends the CES academic workshops gains at least a 7 in their GCSE exams or A*/A in their IGCSE exams. We work with every exam board – AQA, Edexcel, OCR, and more – and we’ll be able to work with students to help them understand how the National Curriculum applies to their school’s chosen exam board’s test paper. Beyond success in the exam – something that our staff can almost guarantee – the grounding that each Science tutor near me at CES provides will form the foundation for students to build upon moving forward to A-Level and further. 


While our team of Science tutors are specialists in teaching science for GCSE exams, we’re also sympathetic to the plight of students; we understand that the pressure of GCSE/IGCSE exams can be overwhelming for many young people, and our courses are aimed at alleviating these stresses. Our courses offer easily-digestible pieces and structures which, when brought together, form an unshakeable groundwork for students taking their GCSE/IGCSE Science exams. Contact our team today.

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