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What We Do

At CES, our English tuition specialists improve your child's skills with expert learning programmes, which makes it faster, easier and more fun to learn better English. Your child will quickly gather the skills and confidence to push for those higher grades.

Our English tutor has made strenuous efforts to help students improve their GCSE 9-1 English grades. These include helping students to understand what makes a good GCSE English tutor; what the examiner is looking for; and how to realise examiners' expectations through applying the following methods.

At CES, we believe that every pupil can succeed far beyond their initial expectations – whatever those expectations were. What sets CES apart from other tutors Birmingham is our commitment to structure. We know that everyone can get at least a grade 7 across all GCSE subjects, and we provide the key to unlock their educational potential. 

How We Do It

For commentary writing


We show students how to use the 2-step method as a P.E.E.L. structure to minimise the time used to make comments. We also use the D.P.C. method to help students gain grades A-A** for commentary writing both for English Language & Literature.

For persuasive writing


Our tutors Birmingham show students how to use the D.A.F.O.R.E.S.T. method to gain grades C-A for persuasive writing and how to combine D.A.F.O.R.E.S.T. and the S.E.C.T. method to gain grades A-A**.

For narrative / descriptive writing


We show students how to use the S.P.T.V. method to get grades C-A and how to use this method and the S.E.C.T. method to write for effect to gain grades A-A**.

How Long To Improvements?

At CES, our GCSE English tutor guarantees that you will see improvements in your child's performance within 90 days or you will get all of your money back! 

Latest News
Case Study:
St. John Wall School

Mr Simpson came into our school to demonstrate a systematic approach to helping pupils develop their writing skills. I was impressed with this product because I could see that pupils made significant progress during the course of the lesson. I fully endorse Mr Simpson’s S²P³A³M²O²V system as "The Essential Guide to Creative Writing". Every pupil in my class also praised this system as an excellent way of helping them improve their writing skills. Thank you, Mr Simpson!


— D Gallagher, Head of English

Class Timetable
  • 4 weeks of Narrative Writing

  • 4 weeks of Descriptive Writing

  • 6 weeks of Persuasive Writing

  • 8 weeks of Commentary Writing

   Repeat the process again.


Please note it doesn't matter when students join the workshop, as the process will be repeated continuously.

Testimonials for our tuition centre and tutors Birmingham

   Fantastic service. Mr Simpson facilitated me to reach my true potential and gain top grades in my GCSE exams. Would highly recommend for any student looking to improve the level of their work.

— Luqmaan (former student)

     Fantastic service! My daughter's grades have really improved since she started coming here. Would highly recommend for anyone with children doing their GCSEs.

— Monnan (parent)

     I feel that I have learned a lot through out my time here, maths and english wise. The teachers are very helpful and always want you to aim high to get the best possible grades out from you.

— Tonderai (former student)

     I just want to give a massive thanks to the teachers because they do a strict assessment on students and give their honest opinion and help them to navigate through to their final goal whatever it is. My son has a very pleasurable experience working with the teachers at CES.

— Achala (parent)