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English Tuition Online UK: GCSE English Tutor Near Me

What We Do

At CES, we can assist you with your GCSE English preparation in Birmingham. Our experienced GCSE English tutor is well-versed in assisting pupils in surpassing their expectations in English GCSE tests. We recommend a method-based approach to English that, when properly used and practiced, can guarantee at least a grade 7 on the GCSE English exam, with many students getting higher grades. While our procedure is designed to assist students with their GCSEs, the English tuition methodology we employ extends far beyond that and may assist students as they progress to higher levels of English, such as A-Level or university English.

Our GCSE English tutor in Birmingham has over 15 years of expertise in education, with a concentration on GCSE English test aid, and our approaches have consistently resulted in outstanding scores.

How We Do It


Our instructors are familiar with the syllabus and essential concepts for each GCSE English exam, so they can educate you or your child regardless of which exam board is administering your paper. We'll work with students to help them understand what the examiner is looking for, and once we've done that, we'll work with them to construct a framework to fit their answers into.

We divide our English tuition into three types of writing: persuasive writing, which is used to make a point; narrative or descriptive writing, which is used to demonstrate accurate comprehension; and commentary writing, which is used to demonstrate accurate comprehension and is used in GCSE English Language and Literature exams.

Our GCSE English tutors simplify the abilities required to demonstrate to the examiner a thorough comprehension of the subject at hand, and our method enables students to simply exhibit all of the skills required to earn high grades. Our distinctive acronyms provide pupils with a great framework in which to work, and once they've mastered it, they'll be able to "wow" the examiner. This strategy allows students to have some independence in addition to the stringent rules we offer them, providing for the ideal balance of structure and creativity that places our students at the top of the English GCSE grading.

Please contact our team today to learn more about how we can assist you. Our Birmingham English tuition sessions last 44 weeks, regardless of when a student enrols since we focus on repetition of the structure to establish a solid foundation. To be on the right track to GCSE success, contact us now or take a look at our workshop format.

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