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11+ Tuition Birmingham: 11 Plus Tutor Near Me

Our Birmingham 11 Plus Tuition Course for Year 3 is meant to acclimate pupils to a structured learning environment before building on their abilities to work independently in the Year 4 Course. Our 11+ tutor knows from experience that if a child establishes a solid foundation and the ability to work in Years 3 and 4, they will be more responsive to 11 Plus Preparation in Year 5.

Our 11+ Tuition Course for Year 5 is designed to provide tailored preparation for the grammar school entry exams in Birmingham and Walsall.

For more information about the course timetable

Our  11+ weekend courses provide students with:

  • six hours of tutoring for Year 3,

  • ten hours of tutoring for Year 4,

  • ten to twelve hours of tuition for Year 5,

  • weekly homework assignments,

  • an 11 Plus Tutor with expertise, and

  • a methodical approach to education.


For our Year 5 students, we offer these additional services:

  • Intensive Course days (during the Summer holiday) and

  • a test-and-teach strategy.


So please get in touch with our Birmingham 11-Plus tuition team today to learn more about how we can help.

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